Thursday, May 6, 2010

New blog address


I've tried to change the appearance of this blog but ended up creating a new blog for this course. I still would like to know how one can change your current template for something else without creating a new blog.
For the duration of this course I'll be using the other blog;
If you have the time please help with some guidelines. I would like to be in a position where I can assist my students when we use blogs next semester.

Kind regards

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  1. Hi Jules,

    I think I can help you with your problem. Anyway, your welcome picture is so sweet... I like it so much...

    So: you have to choose in the upper part of the page (after you logged in) - Customize (I don't know the exact term, as my blog is in Romanian ) - it's on the right, the second tab. Then, some options open: in the upper part of the page you will see, among other things, Settings. Press on it and then choose Choose a new template. If you press on this tab, you will see all the templates available. You choose the one you like most and then you can make it personalized. It's very easy: just have courage and play around - nothing bad will happen.

    I hope I was helpful

    Good luck,