Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 1: Blogging


Finally I have arrived! I know for many of you creating a blog is nothing worth mentioning but for me it is a major achievement.

At first I thought creating a blog would be difficult, but it wasn't, thanks to Deborah's very descriptive guide.

He dared me to view technology and its implications in enhancing my teaching as a need an not as an option. I am ready to try some of his ideas. In addition he had very basic skill requirements to use these technological tools. I'll start with the option of using the Historical Tale Construction Kit. In the English course I'm teaching, we place a lot of emphasis on reading. I hope this tool will help make reading more interesting for my students.

The class blog, as presented by Campbell and Blogging for ESL, was very interesting. Many a time students wish to participate more than what class time allows. I will try the class blog as an space where class discussions can continue.